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    • Tags: #Books #Philosophy #Stoicism Author: [[Seneca]]
    • Introduction
      • Apparently Seneca got in a lot of political trouble, and just barely avoided being killed, and was exiled, for political reasons (and maybe for sleeping with Caligula's sisters)
      • He wrote the letters during his exile in the final years of his life.
      • In the year 65 he was forced to commit suicide after being accused of being part of a plot to kill Nero
      • Stoicism is about training yourself to handle worst case scenarios by contemplating on them and practicing skills to deal with any situation effectively. (Possible link here to Antifragile, it sounds like Stoicism is in a way a philosophy about building antifragility) [[Stoicism is the philosophy of developing antifragility]]
    • Letter 1. On saving time
      • Respect the time that we have. Treat it as the most precious item that we own, care for it, and waste little. Observe the way you spend your time, and then use that to spend it more effectively. Know that every day that passes is a day now owned by death.
    • Letter 2. On discursiveness in writing
      • We should be steady in our thoughts and our readings. We should limit ourselves and truly take the time to absorb and assimilate what we read. Go back to the best books, read them again, and if you need something new, take one of those ideas and dig deeper.
    • Letter 3. On true and false friendship
      • You should be able to trust your friends as you trust yourself. Judge them before befriending them, and after befriending them treat them with loyalty and trust, and they will give the same. Hold nothing back from your true friends.
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