Writing About What I Know

April 12th, 2020
  • I want to create more Living Document style pages outlining topics I am learning and am familiar with
  • These won't be tutorials, they will be more of a Reference, a way for me to outline the most important elements of these different tools, languages, and frameworks in a way that makes sense for me
  • I should be able to visit these posts whenever I know I have encountered a problem before and have a good likelihood of having written it down. This will include things like common syntax mistakes I might make, forgotten git incantations, or the different ways to center something in CSS.
  • I also want to eventually integrate my Anki solution into the things I have written here to integrate what I know into my memory a bit better
  • I am inspired to do this by the numerous other folks who regularly teach topics as they learn them (Tania Rascia, Jason Lengstorf among others), posted their notes publicly (Nat Eliason, Andy Matuschak), and otherwise spread the gospel of learning in public (folks like David Perell and swyx)
  • There will likely be a number of mostly empty posts going up, I want to get a framework in place now, and build it up as I go.

One last thing.

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