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  • Tags are the most basic element of HTML. They are the building blocks that contain the stuff that goes on the site.
  • They may be either opened and then closed with a closing tag, or they may be self closing.
  • Order of closing is important, treat the same as parenthesis.
  • Examples:
    • Closing tags: <div><p>Some Content</p></div>
    • Self Closing: <br />
  • "Important Tags:"
    • "<h1><h2><h3><h4><h5><h6> Heading tags. Use for titles, subtitles, and other things that provide structure to the page. No hard and fast rules for when to use what."
    • "<p>Some Text</p> Paragraph tags. Only text, do your writing in here."
    • "<a href="">Google</a> Anchor tags. Used for links. Put the link inside the href. href is an attribute (attributes covered later)"
    • "<div> Division tag. This is a box that other things go into. No meaning in itself, just a container."
    • "<span> Container for small pieces of text. Used for targeting specific bits of your content for custom styling and behavior."
    • "<ol> and <ul> Ordered lists (numbered) and Unordered lists (bulleted). <li> is a list item element. List items must live inside of one of the list types. "
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